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Intentional Health Hawaii and Intentional Health California

Colonic Certification Retreat

At The Hawaiian Sanctuary, Pahoa, Hawaii

Hosted by Lynda Newton, CHT and Terra Ann Pracht, CHT

Intentional Health/Intentional Health Hawaii Inc. is looking forward to 2018 for a one of a kind retreat in Hawaii. Intentional Health Hawaii is a one-of-a-kind Colonic Training Certification Course in a retreat style setting.

The course is given as a unique style of learning on the grounds of Hawaiian Sanctuary in Hawaii. The retreat is a 7-day stay on the Big Island of Hawaii (The Healing Island) at The Hawaiian Sanctuary, located in Pahoa, Hawaii. Hawaiian Sanctuary is an Eco-Retreat & Permaculture Center. Retreats, workshops, special events and classes are just a few ways that Hawaiian Sanctuary celebrates community and self-development.

Your certification retreat will be facilitated by Lynda Newton of Intentional Health California and “Kealoha” (The Beloved) Terra Ann of Intentional Health Hawaii Inc., Pahoa, Hawaii.

This certification course offers a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to practice colon hydrotherapy, to fine-tune your skills, to review and update your expertise. It is for dietitians, nutritionists, health and fitness instructors, beauty estheticians, nurses, doctors, and those seeking a fulfilling career change.

– Anyone wanting to evolve, their own healing and the healing of others.
– Anyone looking to include good nutrition as part of their lifestyle.
– An enhancement for any and all complementary modality therapist.
– This is a course aimed at those looking to work in holistic healing.
– Start your own practice or work for a Colon Hydrotherapist.
– Include these skills in your tool box.

Along with the colonic training, you learn other modalities to take with you. You will learn how to incorporate these modalities and colon therapy into your life plus generate income today.

This CHT (Colon Hydrotherapist) certification will allow you to transform yourself educationally in colon health and gain the skills to help transform the health of others.

This is a valuable experience to make or increase your income by doing what you love.  You can increase your income while making a massive, positive difference in the lives of others.

While here, you will experience a diet and life-style change while experiencing an emotional detox by unwinding and relaxing in a Hawaiian paradise. Fall asleep to the sounds of nature and awaken in a beautiful, tropical rainforest.

  Hawaiian Sanctuary Drone Footage

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This 7-day Edu-Vacation includes your textbook, hands-on, supervised and practical application.  Daily homework and tests are part of the learning process. You will be well prepared for daily exams. Daily exams are given to eliminate one large test at the end of the week. Certificates are earned at the successful completion of the retreat training in a Hawaiian Style Graduation Celebration.

Subjects included are:

– Colonic Theory
– History of Colon Hydrotherapy
– Human Anatomy
– Colon Hydrotherapy Safety and Hygiene
– Operating Protocol
– Client Protocol/Code of Ethics
– Complementary Modalities

*** To view a sample day and the entire week’s schedule of classes ***

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Your class room where you will experience a TROPICAL EDUCATION in the spirit of ALOHA.

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Your 7 day retreat will include:

– Your Colon Hydrotherapy Curriculum Book and Certification
– Package Room/Board 7 Day Stay
– Meals (Vegetarian) depending on package; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
– Group Tours to local sites
– Trip to Ancient Warm Ponds
– Gravity-Free Magnetic Hanging Bed
– Ozone Jacuzzi & Infrared Sauna
– Yoga Classes & Fitness Gym
– Select Community Events
– Guest Speakers

Optional Services Available:

Massage w/ Certified Massage Therapists

  • Please understand that, due to the nature of group travel and circumstances beyond our control (weather, traffic, delays, etc.), schedules and venues are subject to change without notice.

Colonic Certification Retreat – General Information
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Learn more about Hawaiian Sanctuary and other tropical retreats:

Pahoa, Hawaii


For colonic certification retreat questions, a “Big Island” visitor’s colonic session or
Hawaii private certification training, contact:

“Kealoha” Terra Ann of Intentional Health Hawaii Inc.
toll free: 800.309.8010 *office: 310.261.2587 *fax: 808.748.0033

For those in the Los Angeles area seeking colon hydrotherapy sessions or
 Los Angeles private certification training, please contact:

Lynda Newton of Intentional Health California
Phone: 310.214.9411