Intentional Health

Unwind and Let Go
At our Colonic Certification Retreat Hawaii
Oct. 8th -15th 2016

One of our guest speakers for the week of the Colonic Certification Retreat will be Maria a talented local of the Big Island, Hawaii.

Maria owner of HI Frequency LLC is a business and lifestyle coach. She has blended a lifelong passion for health with decades of experience in diagnostic ultrasound and began to pursue education in the area of functional medicine with certificates in modalities including herbal medicine, detoxification, yoga, dance and attitudinal healing. She enjoys working with clients to achieve the experience of optimal health and successful business development. She feels grateful to enhance the lives of people from around the globe both in person at her Hilo location and provides ongoing support using virtual technology.

Maria is offering this free1 hour class entitled Unwind and Let Go as part of the week’s curriculum. Maria created this class out of her love for the Hawaiian Sanctuary faculty, interns and students to prepare for letting go of what goes on outside of our sacred space at Hawaiian Sanctuary.

Class is set for the day after arrival and orientation, Sunday Oct. 9th.

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