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Intentional Health California and Intentional Health Hawaii

Colonic Certification Training

If you are unable to make it to one of the “Intentional Health Hawaii Colonic Certification Retreats” at Hawaiian Sanctuary, we can still support you in a static free environment of private “one-on-one” education and certification.

Private training and proper practice are two truly effective ways to become a success at your profession.  We have put together a time and cost effective private colonic certification class where we share educational knowledge with years of experience in colon hydrotherapy. This will allow you to further create yourself, gaining additional skills to transform yourself and the health of others.

Our training  will open doors to many holistic opportunities to network or incorporate in your own practice and life style by learning proprietary techniques for administering colon hydrotherapy, client assessment, healthy  nutrition, as well as business set up, cleaning and equipment maintenance.

Please contact us for further information:

For those in the Los Angeles area seeking colon hydrotherapy sessions or
 Los Angeles private certification training, please contact:

Lynda Newton of Intentional Health California
Phone: 310.214.9411

For colonic certification retreat questions, a “Big Island” visitor’s colonic session or
Hawaii private certification training, contact:

“Kealoha” Terra Ann of Intentional Health Hawaii Inc.
toll free: 800.309.8010*office: 310.261.2587*fax: 808.748.0033

Also see our Bio’s and Q & A, it may help to start to answer some of your questions.

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